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An authentic working Amish farm in Lancaster County, PA

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This December

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Amish Christmas Farmhouse Experience

Enjoy the Christmas spirit with your family while pressing cider, churning butter, baking bread, baking pumpkin pies, canning apple sauce. Everything made made farm to table with the amish. includes horse drawn sleigh ride. Participants will be able to take butter, pumpkin pie, canned apple sauce, and bread.


We are offering selected dates in January for this event!

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Explore a working Amish farm

At Old Windmill Farm, we like to provide people with the opportunity to learn about where your food comes from and the hard work that it takes to run a farm.

farm tour & hayride

Our Farm Tour includes meeting the animals on our farm including the mules, pig skit, bottle feeding our baby calves, milking a cow, gather eggs, holding the baby chicks, and a trip around the property on our hayride. If the season allows, we also run through the field and share with you our different crops.

Farm Fun Combo

The Farm Fun Combo includes the Farm Tour itself, the Garden Tour, Garden Tour, hayride, and Barrel Train Ride

Farmhouse Experience

Join us through November 30th at 1PM and select dates at 10:00AM for our seasonal Farmhouse Experience. Enjoy fresh pressing cider from local apples, making butter from fresh cream from our own cows here on the farm, put the bread in the oven prepared by the farmers wife. and of course sit down at the family heirloom table to enjoy. Please note: The "Farmhouse Experience" is not available on Sundays and Wednesdays.

our Farm

What We Do

As Amish farmers in Central Pennsylvania, a day on the farm is always full of adventure and hard work. Enjoy a tour of our farm and learn about where your food comes from and the hard work that it takes to run a farm.

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Who We Are

We love sharing the Amish life of Pennsylvania farmers with our guests from near and far. We promise you will learn something new and have a blast doing it. Meet our farm animals including mules, bunnies, pigs, cows and more.

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farm tour & Hayride

Farm Fun Combo

Amish Farmhouse Christmas Experience

AMISH Farmhouse Experience

Amish Christmas Farmhouse

November 21 through December 30

Enjoy the holiday spirit with your family and friends while making fresh cider, churning butter, bake fresh bread, sit down to enjoy at the kitchen table. Afterwards boil apples and make apple sauce to preserve in mason jars. Break out the pumpkin, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and other ingredients and bake pumpkin pies for the holidays.