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AMAZING! The family is so kind and considerate, and we were able to milk a cow, feed pygmy goats, hold baby chickens, bottle feed a baby cow and collect eggs from the chicken coop (and take them home...best eggs I have ever eaten!). My friends and I HIGHLY recommend Old Windmill Farm to anyone wanting to experience Amish country, plus for the price you can't beat it. Just a tip: make sure you call before going in. They don't seem to get too many visitors, especially during the week, and can probably accommodate a tour at any time for people like us that wanted to go at 11:45. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could!

- Shannen Lyn, Facebook Review | 5/13/2017

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Our family visited from Arizona and had a wonderful time. Our tour guide was one of the children and she did an amazing job sharing her family history and their day-to-day life on the farm. I am amazed by the generosity and hospitality provided by the family. If you are in Pennsylvania, you should definitely get to know the Amish culture. 

- Renee Farnell, Facebook Review | 5/23/2017

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This was such authentic Amish farm and family! We loved that the little girl gave us the tour. We fed animals, learned life on the farm, got to bottle feed calves, walk thru a garden and watch the cow's milk. The family that runs the farm are so sweet and had such cute puppies too! We will be coming back soon.

- Tina Masi Rodrigues, Facebook Review | 5/20/2017

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It was a very good tour. The owner's 10-year-old son James took us on the tour and he was great. We fed the baby calves, milked a cow, fed the baby goats and more. We met his mother and she was very friendly. I would recommend this tour to anyone.

- Andy Mckown, Facebook Review | 5/18/2017

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We had a great time here. Everyone there was so friendly. The tour we had was great. We got to milk the cows, bottle feed the calves and gather eggs. We learned a lot that day and my son enjoyed himself.

- Jacqui Hertello Mckinnies, Facebook Review | 4/16/2017

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Amazing experience! Loved it all! Fed a calf, held a chicken and milked a cow. The farmer and his family were informative and welcoming.

- Meredith Greenspan Katz, Facebook Review | 5/29/2017

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Real life Amish run farm. Not like the ones in town that are staged farms. We learned a lot from the owner of the farm and he had his kids helping out too. And the money goes to a family that could use it, not some company.

- Harry Moore, Facebook Review | 9/10/2016

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We went there yesterday. It was fabulous. I cannot say enough about the place. We were given a tour of the farm and the gentleman told us all about the workings of the farm and my daughter got to bottle feed a calf, milk a cow and gather eggs from the hens. The wife was sweet as were the kids. Absolute fabulous time. Will be coming back next time we are in town.

- Lea Driscoll Pawlowski, Facebook Review | 8/20/2016

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Very enjoyable tour. We were able to experience feeding baby calves, milking cows and holding newly hatched chicks. The best part was learning about their faith. It was quite the experience.

- Steven Foreman, Facebook Review | 11/27/2016

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We had a wonderful visit today! The owners are hospitable and explained so much about how the farm works. The kids and the adults too have delighted in the stories of feeding the calves, holding a chick, petting the mule and everything else. It is a real working farm and you are a guest, getting to see what is going on. It's the real deal and we recommend it.

- Shannon Courtney, Facebook Review | 8/13/2016

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Great experience! We came to Lancaster looking for an Amish tour that includes the farm. Old Windmill Amish Farm was beyond my expectations. This is a little farm BUT he let us give milk to the calves, feed the goats and chickens, showed us horses and mules. Great experience, I highly recommend this hour tour around Jesse's Farm. Excellent experience.

- Sheila R., Yelp Review | 4/3/2017

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This was our first stop on our trip to Pennsylvania, and can I say Jesse and his family were very kind and hospitable during our farm tour! We arrived for the cow milking tour and he took us on a unique personalized experience, where it did not feel like a task but more like friends having a conversation and walking his land. 

I would recommend this to any travelers who want a little taste of Amish country. You can see cows and their calves (even milk and feed if you are up to it!), ask about his garden and he might show it to you as well!

The main barn used to be utilized to cure tobacco, and most of the history is interesting. Definitely worth the trip!

- Gerardo P., Yelp Review | 7/30/2016

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What an amazing experience for my family. I can't say enough about how gracious farmer Jesse was. We milked a cow we fed calves we collected eggs. My kids will forever remember this experience.

- Amy C., Yelp Review | 8/13/2016

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